Tick tick tick

A week passed. It just went by. 7 days like that and what have I done? Not enough, not nearly enough. The days got stolen from me and I have let them. Meandering around our neighborhood and catching up with friends and 'settling in'. Seriously  - settling in! This is not what you do in NYC, you don't arrive and let some stationary and sedimentary non-action take its own time with you, you don't suspend yourself patiently waiting for your previous life to stop rushing over into the whirl pool of your new life. You don't softly softly ease into NYC as if you are lowing yourself tentatively into a cool pool of water, pausing to brace yourself against the shock of it, waiting for your body to adjust. No no no - you dive in!

So a week passed and I realised I had not made a single list. There is no time to explain this irrationality and uncommon behaviour, I'm moving this snowplough of life forward. So first things first -J made us a calender. Now, rather than leaving our we-should-do-that-intentions in front of billboards and subway posters and in copies of Time Out and mixed up among conversations, we can lock it in Eddie.


Secondly I made a list, documenting what we had done since we arrived. And then I crossed everything off the list. So satisfied. It went like this:

  • Cocktails with the Missy family at Dorothy Parker and the Round Table groups Algonquin Hotel.
  • Lace show at The Met
  • Brooklyn Museum of Art - Most extensive collection of Conceptual art work I've seen.
  • Day trip to Philly -  Museum of Art to see Cunningham, Cage, Rauschenberg, Johns work in realtion to Duchamps 'Bride Stripped Bare...' inc Cunningham dance piece and Film on there collaborations
  • Shoe shopping
  • One whole day at Century 21 shopping for winter
  • Exhibition opening and Schmoozing at Australian Consulate
  • Food shopping, which required assistance and advice from a Homeless man on how to navigate the subway with a trolley
  • Watched 4 episodes of Girls and 3 episodes of Newsroom, while I recovered from a bug
  • Started Tai Chi
  • Practiced Tai Chi walking across the acres of studio space
  • Dinners, lunches, and coffee with various friends
  • Art material sourcing in the Garment District, J found my special pins that I cant buy in Aust
  • $10 Martinis at our local
  • Watched creative developement of several contemporary dance pieces
  • Got 70% off at Body Shop - Lipstick $4!
  • Various landmark sightings
  • Finished drawing for first installation
  • Recieved exhibtion offer from Chashama
  • Rearranged houseplants, then reaaranged whole loft
  • Did a little dance
  • Had Aust. Council director over for coffee - nice bloke
  • Bumped into Aust Attorney General on subway
  • Long conversation with our Chinese landroumat about our smalls
  • Surrvived a burgulary attempt on our building
  • Grew a beard
  • Lied awake listing to our frieght elevator and heaters knocking all night
  • Slept in
  • Waited for snow
  • Walked in our door everyday and went - WOOOOOW this loft is amazing