A good idea is just the beginning

The first of the 3 works that I want to install in my studio is a large and more resolved version of an experimental piece I have attempted in Melbourne. It involves cutting patterns out of contact and using ash to flock a design directly onto the wall. If you don't know what flocking is, think of velvet-like wallpaper.

I started with a drawing.

I traced the drawing onto lengths of contact.

I stuck the contact to the wall.

I began cutting away the pattern to make a very large stencil.

The contact then started peeling itself off the wall. 

I walked around the corner to the worlds largest art supply store - 5 floors!- and had a lengthy discussion with the glue department - on the 5th floor.

I brought a temporary spray adhesive and started the processes again with no improvement. I think it's the heat, the hissing knocking radiators which make this studio positively balmy, are softening the glue/s. I tried anyway to flock the wall. This requires a plastic bottle with a hole in it, which you squeeze in quick repetitions, like CPR, to exhale the ash in the bottle into a puff into the wall. Its very unpredictable, but not usually as abysmal as today's results.

Like I said its just the beginning.