Listmakers: The Everyday Archive

I am a serial list maker. I inherited this curious habit from my mum who is never without a list. I have several types of lists that I make; simple shopping lists, daily to-do lists, don’t forget that great art idea list, books I want to read lists, application checklists, lists of words for various purposes, lists with complicated headings like “Is all this possible before the exhibition opens in April” or “Every tiny thing that’s worrying me tonight and possible resolutions”, and so the lists go on.

Recently when throwing out some of my lists it occurred to me that, the lists we make aren’t just banal tools, but are also intimate records about who we are. These mini documents talk about the people in our lives, what we want to be, what we need and desire, what interests and bothers us, what we think about, how we prioritise our living, what opinions we have and how we hope to live. Like photo albums, our lists bare witness to our every day existence - they are portraits of us.

I began collecting peoples list in 2008 and I am developing an archive which will be published online and as a series of books.

How to sign up

If you are also an avid list maker, you can join the 'Everyday Archive'. 

  1.  Download the Consent Form  and the Plain Language Statement 
  2. Start collecting your lists.
  3. When you have a small bundle post them along with the Consent Form to :  Hannah Bertram Studio, 329 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.