European Lace at The Met

Down into the Spring St subway, along the screeching screaming 'green 6' line to 75th St on the Upper East side, brisk walk beside central park - coffee in hand, past the hotdog stands and souvenir photos vendors, skipping up the grand stone stairs of The Metropolitan Museum, inside to the echoing crowded Great Hall, through the members queue, passed the Medieval Art collection, walking walking walking still walking through the Medieval collection, turn right down a small marble staircase into a softly lit room the size of a large living room to the "Gems of European Lace ca. 1600-1920" exhibition. Where I spent 2 hours alone with a small collection of the most exquisite pieces of handmade lace I have seen. The threads on some works were almost invisible to the naked eye. It made me rethink the level of intricacy and fineness of my work.