‘Emerging From and Disappearing Towards Dust’. 2017.

Exhibition at Margret Lawreance Gallery

Photo Credits: Kerry Leonard


‘Emerging From and Disappearing Towards Dust’, Installation, 2017.

Materials: Dusts collected from chimneys, deserts, parks, homes, studios, workshops, construction sites, gutters, and previous versions of this work.

‘To Dust’, Performance, 2017.

Materials: Simultaneously covering artwork with more dust and sweeping it away with skirt train.

‘Emerging From and Disappearing towards Dust’ post performance.

‘Dust Archive’, 2014-ongoing

Materials: Samples of unfiltered dust gathered and used for multiple installations. Collected from: Australia, Norway, United States, Philippines, Singapore, France and Italy.

‘Phoenix in Ruins,’ 2017

Materials: Red Gum ashes, Sawdust, VCA construction site dust, as well as dust from a previous version of this work. Initially this wallpaper was constructed for the Palais de Tokyo, Paris. At the end of the exhibition it was burnt and the ashes are reincorporated into this version.