The 24 Hour Drawing Project

The 24 Hour Drawing Project is an event in which artists start and finish a work of art in a continuous 24 hour period. It involves intensive effort, and attention to process, action and time.

Co-founded by Hannah Bertram and Kendall Nordin in 2005, the project has been staged 9 times in cities across the globe by artists living in places as far apart as Melbourne, Perth, Shanghai, Skagway, New York and Washington DC. 

Previous participants and venues. 


Expressions of Interest

The 24hr Drawing Project is a roving and ongoing project. If you have a duration project using any medium and you would like to participate in an event, or if you would like me to curate the event in your city, please contact me using the form below.


48 Drawings in 24 hours. Every hour draw the flowers without looking at the page, using left and right hand at the same time. Hannah Bertram 2013

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