Without clocks - a list.

Before she gets out of bed, she looks at the length of the shadow of the house on the lawn
If it’s short, she’s over slept
If it’s long, she takes her time

I leave my bedroom door open at night,
when there are sufficient people in the kitchen, making enough noise to wake me up,
it’s time to get up

The boiling brewing stewing filtering and later warming of coffee in the morning
takes a convoluted but necessary amount of time
If Tanya is in the kitchen it’s after 9 in the morning
When Jacob steams out the funky smells in the kitchen with herbs and spices cut from the garden its time for dinner
When Brad is around he
and tells time what to do

Ralph, he understands the desire for a just little bit more time

So in the day if I’m considering trees, time is only the shadows moving
If I’m sweaty and bothered by the sun it’s probably lunchtime
When I’m in my tree up, time stays outside
When I’m reading, time is measured by the increments of pages
When I’m drifting around the pond in a canoe in darkness or daylight,
is the sky passing

When the generator starts
It has been an approximate hour of stillness

When the sound of the generator stops
ah h h h h     h   h

it’s been approximately an hour of full frontal white noise.

When Masons car dusts up the drive its somethime around 8ish,
but he brings with him speed and action and so time goes faster when he arrives:

Mary walks all day with time ticking ticking ticking ticking and work that grows faster than thought
Misa’s material has taken its own sweet time to grow into itself
ready for her picking
Nuno see’s time passing from the distant view of a son turning 1
Somewhere else
Jillian and Paul roar and rage all night long at the presence of time but in the daylight Paul panics at time
(Jillian’s time is experienced by the poison passing through her veins)
Sylvie and Mirelle have secret inner knowledge of time,
their clocks know when and how to be where and how they need to be
Pedro knows that 5 hours of shopping takes much much much more time than 5 hours working or drinking wine
Javier’s time is carefully conserved in his phone. One amongst us that savours talk like sound and time and spends it with consideration.
Kim c  o  o  l  s and knows time
Noa moves in time

When our energy is fading, it’s either beer or coffee o’clock.
That particular reading of time understood by needs is confusing.

that we are deep in contagious and collaborative laughing
understands it’s home is not with us