Experiments into the landscape

One of my first concerns about making work in this place was - how to work in the environment in a way that wasn't plonking down an object, or adding anything to what was already here, or marking the land in a way that was intrusive. I wanted it to be gentle and sensitive to the space and kept switching my thinking from 'doing something in the landscape' to having 'the landscape do something to me'. I would be the page rather than the other way around. I also got a little bit obsessed thinking that the main action of art making/viewing is looking, and looking might be a material to work with here.

One project I began was performance drawings on my body. I would stand and look at a plant. Whilst looking only at the plant I would draw it on my body.

It wasn't so successful but it had the beginnings of possibilities and could maybe become something at another time. But after 2 days I knew it wasn't the thing I was looking for.