My Hurricane has a name.


In my head tapes I keep singing the Dixies Midnight Runners song "Come on Eileen". Of course I sing "Come on Irene" but i just googled the lyrics to see if I could do something entertaining with them and its about something that I wasn't aware of, so I'll leave the musical appropriation it in my headtapes. 

Is it on your news? There's a hurricane heading my way - yes a cyclone. New York has shut down it's entire subway system and bus service and evacuated residence from certain area. I'm about 10 min from New London and we are getting ready.

actually Im still 24 hr drawing but around me they are preparing:

filling sinks/baths/bottles with water
finding flash lights
charging anything that plugs in
writing out emergency numbers
getting beds for everyone in the main house
opening the basement door.

In preparation I have told two darling French ladies to take the list of residence names to the basement and find me if I'm not in the basement before they lock the doors. It took me 24 hours to get out of Oz, I don't want to be whipped back there by a hurricane.