Gotta be quick there's a hurricane coming

Wednesday Thursday Friday things happened - more on that later.

Today I needed to stop.
and look.

Look in slow motion, look attentively, look as a process, look with wonder. I know a way to do this, but don't hold it against me given that my post about the unknowing I'm using a process that I know very well to explore looking. The 24 hour Drawing Project. Its just a useful tool. The premise is you start and finish a work in a continuous 24 hour period, its an exercise in endurance, tha action of making, and a chance often to simply spend some concentrated time on a small idea that you don't have time to investigate when the demands of exhibiting are competing with the demands of creativity.

Its hour 8 of the drawing project and I have gathered random samples of plants to look at. Im drawing them with two hands but I never look at the page. The drawing is a by-product, its the gathering of visual information through experience and into my memory bank that I'm focusing on.

Me drawing.

The by-product/drawing

I didn't bring any materials so I am using things from the paper recycling alos found some post-it notes in the kitchen and a few biro's around the place.