Nothings easy but everything is possible

So I think we are up to here... the ash flocking. What a filthy mess! But more on its way towards something possible than it has ever been in studio attempts back home. I finished the 4 meter sample on the wall but was surprised by my own disappointment when I realised that it looked very much like a sample, that is to say it looked like I'd stuck it against the wall with all the care of a teenager tacking up a poster, or worse still like I'd tried to do something ‘arty’ with the wall, 'mere' decoration the critics would cry. And whilst you know I'm a can't-contain-myself-fan of decoration and of art against walls and yes even despite my intention to create a sample of different ways I work for the open studio... I just cannot bare its uncertainty, its lack of being the thing I do not yet know it can be. It currently looks like it has no consciousness of the space it occupies, an utter disregard for its place. Something needs to happen to it and I don’t know what that is, so it presently cowers at the end of the studio, trying to apologetically hide is girth and height.

Meanwhile I moved onto other things – a reworking of a pinprick piece. It’s a work I love. No one ever asks me to exhibit this work, but when ever I’m allowed to choose what I exhibit I choose this.