Working through the work part 2

Almost every day I wonder if my work exists in a 'Bermuda Triangle' part of I-park, as at least once a day someone says "I tried to find your work, but I couldn't see anything".

I want the work to have a fragile and fleeting position in relationship to the environment and I'm also creating a situation that requires a few moments of stillness and slow looking on behalf of the viewer. I hope that they will have a gentle moment of discovery and through a continued experience of prolonged looking, more and more of the work will be revealed. As a result much of this week has been spent inventing ways to ensure that the work is  'just visible enough' rather than 'invisible too much'.

Inside the tree I have now created 6 viewing positions, these are located at the end of paths which help people find the work and was a solution for managing the poison ivy problem.

I then dug holes so that I could insert my beautifully sanded cross sections of oak into the ground.

In my mind I have started thinking of these markers on which the viewer can stand, as buried pedestal.  

I have also sorted out more of my text. The leaves still say 'LEAVES' but the branches now say 'REMAINS'.

After I'd completed this much, I asked some visitors to the residency, who knew nothing about my intentions to have a look at the work. This gave me a chance to take note of the ways in which they went about searching for the work. 

The sound of each of them 'oohing' 'wowing' and muttering things like 'oh there's more', makes me feel confident that the work was getting closer to being resolved.