I became a member of MOMA this week. I'm not normally a joiner but apparently I was buying so many art books that if I paid the $60 membership they would refund my $20 entry and give me 20% off all my books and return the books I'd already brought and buy them at a member rate, and cause id had lunch they would give me 20% back fro that- it would be so cheap they'd have to pay me to walk out.

Ok, there was Maths involved, I didn't really understand the numbers bit. It just sounded like an impossible temptation that meant i could enter a utopia that is real it exists now, in the bricks and mortar world and not in a magical realism manifesto. This utopia was named Unlimited Access. It's a beautiful beautiful place - so i went to MOMA 3 times.

And I'm euphorically happy.

My new best friend Dougals Huebler - a square of sawdust photographed every hour as it gets walked over. How have i not seen this before!!!

Me and Michelangelo Pistoletto (also Andy and Marilyn in the very far background)