David Evans - Internal Temporal Order

Later this year I will be releasing a new website to document the 24 Hr Drawing Project, this will co-inside with another international 24 Hr Drawing Project - an event in which artists start and complete a work of art in a continuous 24 hour period. I'll keep you up to date with applications, website and dates.

But in the meantime, you should check out David Evans album 'Internal Temporal Order'. It's a beautiful and compelling album with quiet ambient sounds, eclectic rhythms, and endless loops of repetition that shift between being hypnotic and being surprising. Some of the tracks were produced during last years 24 Hr Drawing Project and so it's a brilliant example of what artists can achieve during this project.

Read more about it and have a listen here David Evans - Internal Temporal Order in Releases : Mess+Noise

Also note the patterned cover art by Louise Kellermen (another 24hr DP fellow). It is a great visual companion to the music, with its order/chaos and irregular patterning.