Carpetry and the satisfaction of precision

I applied my knife cutting skills to making cardboard marquetry this week. This involves cutting patterns out of cardboard to make a negative space, then cutting the exact same pattern out of a different piece of cardboard and inserting it into the first bit of cardboard. I'm discovering that it takes micro-millimetre precision and a whole new world of satisfaction is experienced when you get it exactly perfect.

Initially I thought it was parquetry that I was making but a quick glance at Wikipedia tells me parquetry is the geometric version of inlayed wooden patterns and marquetry uses curved and natural designs. Good to get the lingo right as I had previously thought that parquetry went on the floor and marquetry went on furniture. My wordy confusion was equally matched by Lisa' who throughout the day blended the words 'cardboard' and 'parquetry' which resulted in her referring to it as 'Carpentry' and which i have now morphed into a blend of cardboard/carpet/marquetry and come up with 'Carpetry'.